Why hire a real estate photographer ?

80% of real estate buyers start with their property shopping online. Real estate photography is a necessity. If you are looking to sell your property for a great price you need to hire a professional real estate photographer. Home owners love to see high quality photos of both homes and apartments when they list them for sale orrent.

Cinematic Film/Video

Why hire a real estate videographer ?

Video for real estate has been shown to attract buyers, boost listings and increase sales. Film shows the property in ways that photography cannot. Real estate videos like cinematic films, will help you keep up with the competition.
At Maximus Media we offer HD real estate video tours in 1080p and UHD real estate video tours in 4K

Virtually Staging

Why virtually stage your listing?

Affordable – Will save you lots of money compared to how much staging companies charge.
Fast Turnaround – Delivered within 48hours.

3D Virtual Tour/Matterport

What are the benefits of virtual tours (Matterport)?

Matteport lets you reach a wider audience, close on properties 31 % faster and sell for up to 9% higher
71% of buyers said they would purchase a property sight-unseen with a 3d virtual tour
Unlike with photos or videos, buyers get a real understandily of the scope of the property.
Buyers spend 3-5 times longer time interacting with listings, 60% more likely to email and 95% more likely to call an agent


Why need a Drone view?

Perspective and Context – Aerial views provide a broader perspective and give potential buyer.
Comprehensive Property Coverage: Drones can capture images and videos from various angles.